About Us

Welcome to Veronica Filina.

Hi, my name is Zhanna. I am delighted to present Veronica Filina, a label of handmade luxury knitwear.  

 I learnt to knit as a child and have always been passionate about fashion. We represent original, knit dress-wear that is custom designed and made to order.

From the beginning design layout, until the final stitch, each dress is produced with a precision, detailed style. We prefer to use high quality materials, like cashmere, wool, baby cashmere, vicuna, kivyut, linen and silk produced in the finest factories in Italy, Japan, France, England.

The creation of each garment takes several weeks, is manually crafted and the outcome is absolutely handmade. We also offer ready to wear garments and we undertake the custom made creation of the evening dress or the exclusive wedding gown of your dreams. All our dresses include 100% silk lining.

Each piece conveys an elegance and sophistication, all with the same timeless and feminine nature that is guaranteed by the Veronica Filina signature

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